June 25, 2008


We've been really busy to make too many updates.
Nonetheless we decided to come up with a small campaign on book production and printing. The reason is obvious: there are very few places in the world that can come closer to competing with us in prices and quality. It is simple: no tax for printing or computer equipment, no tax for foreign papers, printers with a lot of experience working round the clock, as we live in a highly demanding environment.
As we have said before, in our website, Macau is a tax paradise. And we will even provide you with shipping quotations. We very strongly reccomend that, due to fuel prices increases, you use sea delivery. It is so very much more competitive and affordable.
All you need to do is plan everything ahead and you will find this planning to be very worthwhile.
Meantime we're busy working on a new contract monthly magazine.

April 6, 2008



We've been updating our website within our time possibilities.

First of all, we are in the process of changing into photo-videos our different portfolios which are incomplete. Yup, the time we worked without computers is about two thirds of the time we worked with computers and there's a lot of scanning and sorting of thousands of CD-ROMs and DVDs.

Nonetheless, we have the graphic design video here which will lead you to another video on some of our logotypes.

We also created a video from our pen & ink illustrations and there are some new videos on our exhibitions designs and one on some of the uniforms we designed and we decided to make a slide show of our photography samples.

Just thought you, our customer or friend, would like to know. Remember, whenever you navigate through our website, always remember to click Refresh in your browser.

Of course you should look at this blog of ours, as well as the Case Studies Blog just reachable from this very blog.

And we hope you have a very nice time listening to our favorite music.


March 22, 2008



One of the most rewarding actions we find in our hard work, is our customers satisfaction.
This customer enquired with us and quickly decided upon our offer. We worked intensely with him and printed the book and coordinated the shipment of 2.000 books for the US.
We published a brief case study here to sum it briefly. Our clients don't like long rants. Neither do we.

We look forward to serving our clients world wide. It is most gratifying.


March 14, 2008



We have checked our website activity today and were very happy to see that apart from our contacts are widespread over the above map.
This gave us a very rewarding feeling since we updated (and continue to build) our website about just a month ago.

So many things happen in a month, in Macau. We produced and shipped 2.000 books to a customer of ours in Arizona, we produced a Commemorative Invitation and Poster and have some enquiries on our mail.

The thing is that we are indeed competitive, and soon we hope to finalize our menu in full. We never reveal anything until it is done. Of course our customers come first, so the website has to wait a tad.

Do come often for updates and don't forget to look on he Case Studies link as well as the Archives of this Blog.


February 23, 2008



We just updated our main site's Photography Section with a slide show instead of the more troublesome traditional navigation. Photography is wordless, it should speak for itself, so we have not added any comments.

While we work with studio photography whenever necessary, we very much cherish to share photos that were taken in different moments. The photographs are grouped by colors. Since we chose to have a very clean looking site, color suddenly explodes when you visit the Photography Section.

We'll soon be purchasing another flash version of a slide show and will keep updating our pages as we can. The site is still under construction. We do suggest to our visitors that they keep clicking refresh on their browsers as our site develops.




One of the reasons we have set up this blog is to allow our new clients to get a little more acquainted with our way of working.

While our list of client s keeps growing, not all are shown
here, since many prefer to keep their privacy and we respect it.

Working from a distance implies good communications. We do respond very quickly to enquiries from potential clients, and therefore we would like to bring forward our experience of working with our international clients.

We feel privileged that most of our non-local clients communicate with us in a regular way.
Actually there is a period of acquaintance in which the potential job is stated and the communication is started. During this period the communication should be intense.

The entire process begins when the potential client commits.

Then comes the creative part. It is presented to you by our Art Director and Ars Cives founder.
But the secret for a successful and satisfactory job is based on good and clear communication.
We're constantly improving our website in our little spare time, so be sure to click Refresh whenever you visit us again.
And our blog will continue to grow whenever possible.


February 15, 2008



You might ask yourself why do we have this image in our
website's main page.

Living in a city-state which flourished in the 16th. century as a
trading post, concentrating mainly in the Silk Trade with Japan, there's a lot of water and pragmatism around.
And so we chose to focus on the image of water, something that is both precious, indispensable and pragmatic.

Now, once more, the tiny outpost that removed the city of Venice as the richest trading post in the world, is reinventing itself and again it is making the headlines as the world leader of the gaming industry, having already topped
Las Vegas profits in 2007.

Furthermore, for the Chinese, water is a symbol of Prosperity and one of the Chinese Five Elements, while for the Portuguese it is part of its history of the Discoveries and for Macau it points to the history of the trading post.

The inhabitants capacity for hard work, pragmatism, inherent competitiveness are what make this place a very unique one, where you can find all kinds of food, have take aways as well as Chinese delicacies brought into your home or office for a great lunch or dinner.

Macau spells service all the way, and that makes quite a difference, when compared to all continents we've visited. Ooops, we missed Australia.

We like to think we're pragmatic like water, but we dare say we have our own aesthetical identity, as a result of a multi-cultural and multi-lingual environment.


February 13, 2008



Welcome to Ars Cives Blog.
Most of you may wonder why we chose Ars Cives for the company name.

Well, Greek and Latin cultures are the roots to western culture and we also believe in cities as the root to everything, from countries to the globalized world of today. So why not use Ars Cives, or Art for the City?

Other than that, we like to work while listening to artists such as
Andrea Bocelli, and are happy to share the music with you.

Our time in Winter time it is +8 GMT and in Summer time is +7 GMT. You can also check time converter here

Remember to check the Blog's Archive, on the right side menu and visit our Case Studies Blog