February 23, 2008



One of the reasons we have set up this blog is to allow our new clients to get a little more acquainted with our way of working.

While our list of client s keeps growing, not all are shown
here, since many prefer to keep their privacy and we respect it.

Working from a distance implies good communications. We do respond very quickly to enquiries from potential clients, and therefore we would like to bring forward our experience of working with our international clients.

We feel privileged that most of our non-local clients communicate with us in a regular way.
Actually there is a period of acquaintance in which the potential job is stated and the communication is started. During this period the communication should be intense.

The entire process begins when the potential client commits.

Then comes the creative part. It is presented to you by our Art Director and Ars Cives founder.
But the secret for a successful and satisfactory job is based on good and clear communication.
We're constantly improving our website in our little spare time, so be sure to click Refresh whenever you visit us again.
And our blog will continue to grow whenever possible.