February 15, 2008



You might ask yourself why do we have this image in our
website's main page.

Living in a city-state which flourished in the 16th. century as a
trading post, concentrating mainly in the Silk Trade with Japan, there's a lot of water and pragmatism around.
And so we chose to focus on the image of water, something that is both precious, indispensable and pragmatic.

Now, once more, the tiny outpost that removed the city of Venice as the richest trading post in the world, is reinventing itself and again it is making the headlines as the world leader of the gaming industry, having already topped
Las Vegas profits in 2007.

Furthermore, for the Chinese, water is a symbol of Prosperity and one of the Chinese Five Elements, while for the Portuguese it is part of its history of the Discoveries and for Macau it points to the history of the trading post.

The inhabitants capacity for hard work, pragmatism, inherent competitiveness are what make this place a very unique one, where you can find all kinds of food, have take aways as well as Chinese delicacies brought into your home or office for a great lunch or dinner.

Macau spells service all the way, and that makes quite a difference, when compared to all continents we've visited. Ooops, we missed Australia.

We like to think we're pragmatic like water, but we dare say we have our own aesthetical identity, as a result of a multi-cultural and multi-lingual environment.