April 6, 2008



We've been updating our website within our time possibilities.

First of all, we are in the process of changing into photo-videos our different portfolios which are incomplete. Yup, the time we worked without computers is about two thirds of the time we worked with computers and there's a lot of scanning and sorting of thousands of CD-ROMs and DVDs.

Nonetheless, we have the graphic design video here which will lead you to another video on some of our logotypes.

We also created a video from our pen & ink illustrations and there are some new videos on our exhibitions designs and one on some of the uniforms we designed and we decided to make a slide show of our photography samples.

Just thought you, our customer or friend, would like to know. Remember, whenever you navigate through our website, always remember to click Refresh in your browser.

Of course you should look at this blog of ours, as well as the Case Studies Blog just reachable from this very blog.

And we hope you have a very nice time listening to our favorite music.